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Century 21 Stores

Ecommerce Redesign

Century 21 tasked our team to redesign and replatform the ecommerce website to stay up to date with the latest technology in user experience as well as incorporate the new branding and logo. Designed as a showcase for ‘designer’ product we concentrated on creating a more seamless mobile-first design, easy to use navigation, shorter page loads, consistent product lighting and fresh, young styling and attitude. We also brought story-telling and curation through out the site down to the product pages so that shoppers can feel inspired when browsing, buying or comparing.

Showcasing ‘Designer’ Product


Unique page layouts based on each shopper


Inspiring purchase through emotional storytelling

Creating narratives that allow shoppers to learn more about the brand and shop with context.

More tailored content based on previous behavior.

Enhanced Mobile Experience


Mobile First experience

Better integration with social media

More tailored content based on previous behavior.

New Design, Style & Photo Guides


New modern photography, look and feel including guidelines for lighting, styling, casting, cropping, propping, resolution, and output.

Personalization capabilities including: You may also like, Style with, Similar items, Recently viewed, Selected for you, Others also bought

New design elements to inspire a sense of urgency and elevate the "thrill of the hunt" online, highlighting a product that has low inventory or has high popularity

Recommendations based on past viewing behavior, conversion abandonment, and queries or recirculate content based on interests.

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