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Sweet Vinyl Cafe

Identity, Store Design,
Signage & Website

Sweet Vinyl Cafe is a modern concept store. A community minded coffee shop that doubles as a record store and performance space.


The project brief was to create the brand guidelines for the new store, store signage, interior design, menu, website and packaging. The challenge was to design an inviting space that had a vintage rock vibe but still retained a modern clean feel. The design needed to be family friendly but with an edge.


Social Media Marketing and Engagement


The goal of our social media and digital ad campaigns where to engage the passionate community by sharing facts about bands, record collecting and coffee. The project provided real-time stats for marketing campaigns—including emails, automations, social ads, and more—to quickly identify what’s working and make informed decisions about next steps. Using our analytics, reporting, and AI-assisted optimization tools to monitor trends and track performance helped us create better campaigns that reached more customers.

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